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  1. dub-a-dubba-dub-dub
    Justin Roiland Is Being Recast on Rick and Morty “It will be fine. It’ll be great.”
  2. last night on late night
    官网开奖结果号码查询、开奖历史记录、168网澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 for the Madonna Biopic But not for the lead role.
  3. trailer mix
    New York Comic Con 2023 Trailers: Scott Pilgrim, Dragon Ball, The Walking Dead Two Russells, no waiting in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.
  4. chatroom
    Love Is Blind’s Lydia Sets the Record Straight “I went through hell [Laughs].”
  5. vulture jr.
    Drake’s Son Is Already Making Deals Adonis drops a verse on For All the Dogs, no ghost-writers necessary.
  6. i-i-i-see how this is gon' go
    Here Come the Eras Tour Concert Film Box Office The film is now the highest-grossing music doc ever, domestically.
  7. vulture sports
    Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce: Complete Dating Rumor Timeline The pair were spotted holding hands leaving Nobu in NY.
  8. rip
    Suzanne Somers, Star of Three’s Company and Step by Step, Dead at 76 The actress was one day shy of her 77th birthday.
  9. snl
    Bowen Yang’s Christopher Columbus Discovered Boygenius on SNL He also discovered Hot Ones, TexMex, and jazz.
  10. he's just pete
    Pete Davidson Is Dating Barbie Now The SNL host’s “I’m Just Ken” parody laments that his dating life makes more headlines than his comedy.
  11. snl
    Here’s the Writing Staff of Saturday Night Live Season 49 Taylor and Travis skipped the goodnights, so we could focus on the credits instead!
  12. 'tis the damn season premiere
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Did the Least on SNL The pair barely had more lines than the background actors in their separate (and brief) cameos.
  13. snl
    Pete Davidson Reminds Us He’s From Staten Island in SNL Monologue “It’s the only island in the world with a worse reputation than Epstein’s.”
  14. come on girls
    Madonna’s Celebration Tour Opening Night Was a Family Affair Madge’s daughter Mercy James accompanied her mother on piano for the rarely-performed “Bad Girl.”
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